Collaborative Efforts To Help Further Scientific Research

We have science to give credit for all the perks of modern living we now enjoy. For the longest time, the brilliant minds of scientists are what enabled them to come up with innovative technologies and processes that had definitely transformed the way we live over the years. While we’d like to think that the scientific community can very well take care of itself today now that they probably have access to millions, even billions, of funds and can easily connect with equally brilliant minds the world over, it seems we are greatly mistaken. There are many issues they are facing today and knowing that others are pitching in to help eases the worry of these experts in losing any progress they have made on ongoing scientific studies and trials.

We all know that the world is changing and it has an impact on …

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Extending The Life Of Your Smartphone

Billions are connected to the web right now through their smartphones. It is a convenient and efficient way to go global without getting burdened by the often heavy and bulky laptops and computers that used to be the only devices we can use to access the web. The wireless Internet technology is almost a necessity now as people access the web each day because of the popularity of social media. No wonder smartgadgets have become staples because, for the majority, their virtual life is just as important as their personal life.

Yet as much as we love our gadgets, they can be a cause of concern at times especially that they have technical limitations that can annoy us from time to time. Storage and connection are common issues and most smartphones only work efficiently for a given number of years. After that, replacing it …

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To Pop That Pill Or Not?

Mankind has survived centuries of life here on Earth. Although it may look effortless to us now, it was actually a struggle for our ancestors especially that the elements were far more unforgiving in the past and they lacked the modern conveniences we now enjoy. And as the years go by, men learned to adapt and manage common issues that affect humans. Aside from food, shelter, and protection, human health is a major cause of concern in the absence of modern medicine.

The medicines we now take saved countless of lives through the years. However, there is now such a thing as antibiotic resistance that we also have to deal with. So, it is no longer unusual that people opt not to take medicines whenever possible and rely on their body’s own immune system to fight off infections and build immunity. The question is, …

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Why Laughter Is Still The Best Medicine

Having a good laugh is one of the best feelings in the world. Laughter helps you fight stress, build immunity and forget your worries even for a while. You also look younger when you smile and laugh often. After all, it takes 65 muscles to frown and only 15 to smile. Your face will not only radiate happiness but make your more approachable to people too.

It is no joke that laughter is considered as the best medicine by many. Laughter has worked positively among people who are confined in hospitals or diagnosed with an illness. Although it does not cure or treat the underlying medical condition per se but laughing makes people feel good, and in a way, it helps them cope better with their sickness and promote faster recovery. Laughing is also innate in humans, as natural as breathing goes. And it …

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The Struggles Of Educating The Youth

Despite the many advancements in technology nowadays, a lot of people throughout the world still live in poverty and lacking even in the most basic of services. Many third world countries lack sufficient housing for the poor, access to clean water, regular food supply and so much more. While we can only see mostly good things on social media, many nations are actually ravaged by poverty and war and citizens are displaced leaving them with hungry tummies and devoid of material possessions.

While there is little we can do once nation leaders decide to attack each other, a good education can change your destiny and open up better opportunities in life. You need not suffer in an environment devoid of opportunities by chasing your dreams yourself and not wait for things to happen. In a world that is becoming increasingly global, competition is tough …

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The Senate’s Health Care Bill: Pass Or Fail?

Health is as important as education to the public. They play a major role in uplifting the quality of our lives and both (education and health) also requires money, a lot of it. How ironic. These two should actually be the top priorities of the government. Not all governments are perfect but it’s not acceptable for them to compromise the health and well-being of the public because of personal vested interests. That’s how many Americans feel about the possible repeal of Obamacare. Although Obamacare has its flaws, it has its finer points that should not be totally ignored as well.

There has been a lot of drama already regarding its repeal since President Trump assumed office. He, for starters, is hell bent on getting Obama’s legacy rendered obsolete and irrelevant in Trump’s America. Starting from discussions in the House and now in the …

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Activism Takes Over Social Media

Social media is the hottest thing to hit the planet these days. Everyone is glued to their screens, busy browsing through various social networks. If you think about it, social media has become an obsession for many – addiction to selfies among other things. Who would’ve thought we could all become stars in our own rights. After all, it is our wall and we are free to post whatever we want.

And considering how widespread social media is the world over, it has also served as an effective platform for different causes. Businesses take advantage of search engine optimization including social media to promote and grow their brand in the digital world. Even world leaders and news organizations utilize social media to reach the people and deliver important news and updates that involves the state and the welfare of its people. No wonder …

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The Downsides of Video Game Addiction

People get addicted to video games especially in their youth when time is plenty and there is nothing much to do. Young kids can spend hours and hours in front of the screen playing arcade to role play games that soon become an addiction. While it is a great past time and can save one’s sanity from boredom, both the experts and parents are strongly against too much video game use for good reason.

Not only does it take time away from doing important school work or helping with household chores, playing video games can also impact one’s health and well-being. Many times a player loses track of their priorities and get so immersed in the games they are playing or even end up fighting with other players they have disagreements with. But have we really looked at playing video games as an addiction …

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The Fascinating World Outside Our Planet

We know that our planet is an awesome place for the mere fact that it can support different life forms. And it’s also a blessing that we manage to co-exist despite our diversity. As the more superior species, mankind continues to explore the peaks of the mountains and the depths of the oceans but still some mysteries remain. Despite all these mysteries that the world has in store for us, nothing piques our curiosity more than the vast space outside our planet.

Do other forms of life exist? Can we survive in the harsh environment of the space? These are just some of the questions that fill our minds but still answers seem to elude us. For centuries, great minds tried their best to seek for answers and gain more understanding about our solar system and other galaxies farther from us. But are we …

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Developing Eco-friendly Technologies

We are all used to having technology being the focal point of our lives by now but tech innovators are gradually changing the landscape. Even young kids are adept at using the computer and most smart gadgets. Sadly, though, the environment suffers as we live a life of comfort and convenience. Pollution is a major issue as well as climate change and global warming. And we are not just talking about one type of pollution but on every form possible. And with an exploding population, our carbon footprint further increases as our demand for technology and resources continue to grow.

However, innovation is still possible without endangering the environment in the process with the help of a clean and safe green technology. We can continue to embrace the many wonders of technology and at the same time protect Mother Nature. Green tech

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