Texas Oil Industry Post-Hurricane Harvey

In a modern world like ours right now, we use energy in just about every aspect of our lives. From our personal smart gadgets to home, kitchen and entertainment appliances, to major machines and devices used in school, offices, and major industries, energy is a major factor to make all these things work for our comfort and convenience. Our preferred energy source is actually non-renewable like fossil fuel, which means we may use it all sometime in the future. That is the major concern among conservationists and everybody else who has a deep concern for the environment as this type of energy is also not-so environment-friendly.

However, they make things work for us now and that’s what matters to the majority of people. However, as one natural disaster after the other strikes our country, we start to realize how much dependent we are on the oil industry and while we also have our fears about the environment, it also has a big impact on the economy. For starters, these industries are big and employ hundreds to thousands of employees whose main livelihood is their job. Second, almost every other industry in the world relies on oil energy in making, delivering, and selling their products …

Migrants Evacuated By The French

All nations protect their sovereign territory from outsiders. It’s just normal. It is even more pronounced now with most countries requiring foreigners to secure certain types of visa when visiting abroad. Progressive nations are strict when it comes to this issue as they have more to protect and won’t just easily let in other races without sufficient documentation. The same thing is happening in a French woodland as the government evacuated hundreds of migrants to prevent them from crossing over into Britain with France as their gateway to a greener pasture.

These migrants are mostly Iraqi Kurds and estimated to be about 350 all in all and have been camping in a wood in the French northern coast. There is a possibility that these migrants are planning on crossing over into the UK for various reasons. The British government is especially sensitive right now about territory issues as they themselves are planning to separate from the entire European Union and establish their own sovereign state. So far, the French government has broken the migrants into groups of ten and will be taken to various migrant centers in the country for proper assistance.

French authorities evacuated hundreds of migrants from a wood on the northern

Eradicating Fraudulent Charities

Natural calamities have struck various parts of the globe as of late and it left thousands of people displaced and needing help in even the most basic of services. Many homes have either been flooded or crumbled into the ground as they can’t withstand the force of Mother Nature’s wrath. It comes as no surprise that many supposedly charities came popping up soon after these tragedies in the guise that they are collecting donations to help the victims move on from these disasters. Meanwhile, actual charities suffer.

Giving isn’t the issue here but the fact that these people or organizations had to use the misery and pain of other people to make money is simply just unacceptable. Actual people are suffering but they can still take advantage of this situation to make money. It’s a good thing that a few have been identified and are no longer allowed to use charity giving to disaster victims as an excuse for taking cash from strangers.

Seven shops have stopped marketing themselves as charity outlets after it was discovered they were not registered, a report from the Charities Regulator reveals.

The report also revealed that one charity shop owner had been prosecuted and three had ceased trading.

Microsoft’s Gearing Up Coding For The Quantum Leap

Technology is fast evolving and it seems that it can’t be stopped by any of us. After all, we live and breathe technology these days. That’s just how dependent modern life has become to tech advancements. You think you’ve seen it all but no, there is so much more to explore and develop when it comes to technology. We are just at the brink of its further evolution and experts aren’t even sure humanity is ready for what is awaiting us in the years to come.

There is one thing for sure though, we don’t have to wait for long to see for ourselves how these new technologies unfold and become a part of our daily lives. And we can count on Microsoft to ensure we don’t have a hard time coping with these new changes because they’ve already prepared a coding program for quantum computing as early as now. The average Joe probably finds it impossible to grasp how quantum computers work, which makes Microsoft’s initiative more instrumental in helping people understand the inner workings of quantum computing so we won’t have that much of a hard time adjusting once it becomes accessible to the public.

Microsoft is effectively building a language

Shopping For Christmas Gifts On A Budget

Not everyone has the luxury of shopping without even taking a quick glance at the price tag. I’m sure most of us look at the price tag first before we even consider buying something for ourselves much more for our families, friends, and others. And come Christmas time, you need to do more shopping as there is usually a long list of people you have to give gifts to especially to kids in the family and your godchildren if you have one or more already. After all, Christmas is for the kids and the kids at heart. We have the fondest memories of the holiday season since our childhood and it often involved gifts no matter how much we want to deny that material things are not that important.

If you belong to the majority where money is still an issue when it comes to your Christmas shopping, then you’re definitely reading the right article (this is a great guide, too). It might take a little resourcefulness and creativity in pulling off the perfect present for the people who mean a lot in your life but it’s still possible to do that even if you stick to a certain budget. A …

ShopDisney: Disney Fans, Rejoice

Most of us watched Disney movies and television shows growing up. It’s the perfect past time for us because we get entertained with these shows while passing time and our busy parents can finish whatever they need to do at home or work without us constantly bothering them. And as we (young children) grew up, we also made our kids watch the same shows (and more) we watched growing up, but this time, we also buy them Disney-related merchandise being sold in Disney stores in various parts of the globe.

Disney-themed apparel, toys, accessories, and so much more has captured the fancy of both parents and children alike. They are favorite gift ideas for just about any occasion and can be given to both the young and the old. As more and more people favor online shopping over traditional shopping, shops like that of Disney learned to innovate and embrace these new changes to reach a bigger market. Now, online stores can sell to virtually everyone on the planet who has access to the Internet, which means bigger profits too but it also meant a decline in sales in actual retail outlets.

Disney today launched its reimagined e-commerce site, ShopDisney, featuring a curated selection

Sports And The American Life

Many people are into all types of sports wherever you are in the world. Usually, a certain country has that one favorite sport but still, the citizens enjoy a wide assortment of athletic activities that bring about enjoyment not only to the athlete/player himself but to the audience too. Watching sports activities is a favorite past time of many and it is something most Americans can relate to. Many like spending their free days either lounging at home in front of the television watching a game or two or heading out to the venue itself and watch a game played live.

These sports events do not come cheap, though. Getting a seat in a much-awaited game can hurt your wallet. Despite the financial challenge, many sports fans willingly shell out their hard-earned money and cheer for their idols from the bleachers. And you don’t only spend for the ticket itself but also for transportation/gas, food, and some nice hats to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun, among others. If you are an average Joe, it is unlikely for you to ever set foot inside big game venues like the NBA or the NFL because of ludicrously expensive ticket prices.


Senior Health: As Fragile As Their Aging Bodies

We understand that becoming sickly is quite expected as you age because your body degenerates over time. It is a fact of life. However, it does not mean that your quality of life deteriorates as well simply because you are aging. We are all expected to age, yet some manage to age gracefully and live a quality life in the twilight of their lives compared to others. Yet the majority of the elderly struggle in doing even the most basic of tasks and it has given everyone the notion that getting old is a major bummer.

Well, it is true in most cases since you move slower as you age as your physical body becomes more fragile than ever. It is the reason why the elderly are included in the vulnerable groups together with young children and pregnant women. It does not also come as a surprise that most elderly people take a lot of maintenance medications for a variety of health conditions they are diagnosed with. Most of us think that it is better for older people to take many meds to ensure they live longer and beat whatever diseases they have but it seems we are actually mistaken. Medicine is not always …

Just How Sane Is The President?

We can’t deny that President Trump won the election fair and square but still, he is the one that issued complaints of election fraud. His personality is as colorful as the life he has lived so far and he makes all his thoughts known to everyone in Twitter, even up to now that he is the most powerful man in America. Many start to wonder just how sane the president is because of his off comments, bigger than life personality, radical views, and just almost everything about him spells weird or out of the norm.

Despite winning the presidency, it has not stopped President Trump from being himself from then on until now. Hence the detractors are always busy writing up stories about him and critiquing the way he runs the nation. He promised to make America great again and it looks like it is far from becoming a reality with North Korea constantly issuing threats against the mainland US and Guam as of late as well as firing a test missile that landed in the Pacific that even passed by Japan’s northern part. So, it is but understandable for US citizens to be worried about the country if the president doesn’t seem to …

Why You Need To Learn A New Language

The world is fast becoming one big market since the Internet paved the way for increasing globalization. There may be wars fought here and there and religion remains to be the great divide for some but we can’t deny how increasingly smaller the world has become as we continue to embrace all that technology has to offer. Social media enabled people to interact with others from thousands of miles away and make a joke about the physical distance between people as we connect, reconnect, and interact with others the world over.

It is even common now for people from different parts of the globe to compete for the same job especially when it is something that can be done over the web. While English remains to be the #1 language used in most companies, institutions, and organizations, it won’t hurt if you learn a foreign language or two as it will give you an edge over competitors or make it easier for you to build rapport to other races that aren’t always savvy with the English language. It might also come in handy if you love to travel far-away places that aren’t native English speakers like South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, France …

Kids Aren’t Safe From Sleep Apnea

We like to think that only adults suffer from the woes of sleep apnea. Well, it is a common misconception as we usually associate sleep disorders like sleep apnea with snoring sleeping adults but we’re about to be proved wrong. Sleep apnea affects people of all ages and sizes although your genes can predispose you to it even more. If you aren’t aware of it yet, children’s tonsils and adenoids (the glands in the throat at the back of the nose) are often removed because of sleep apnea as these body parts are often at their largest during the early years of life in contrast to the airway.

While it is hard to determine right away what medical conditions children are suffering from because of their failure to verbalize it or describe their symptoms properly, common symptoms of sleep apnea in kids include behavioral problems at school and daytime fatigue aside from the snoring sound when asleep, of course, if left untreated. A child will not only subsequently suffer from health complications but it is also common for kids to struggle with their studies as learning difficulties usually come hand in hand with sleep apnea among children.

Medical experts are warning parents that if

Collaborative Efforts To Help Further Scientific Research

We have science to give credit for all the perks of modern living we now enjoy. For the longest time, the brilliant minds of scientists are what enabled them to come up with innovative technologies and processes that had definitely transformed the way we live over the years. While we’d like to think that the scientific community can very well take care of itself today now that they probably have access to millions, even billions, of funds and can easily connect with equally brilliant minds the world over, it seems we are greatly mistaken. There are many issues they are facing today and knowing that others are pitching in to help eases the worry of these experts in losing any progress they have made on ongoing scientific studies and trials.

We all know that the world is changing and it has an impact on everyone no matter how big or small it may be. Not all the time the scientists can rely on whatever support they are now getting to help them surpass all the obstacles that come their way but it seems that it’s not always enough especially if they are facing the wrath of Mother Nature. It is exactly the same situation …

Extending The Life Of Your Smartphone

Billions are connected to the web right now through their smartphones. It is a convenient and efficient way to go global without getting burdened by the often heavy and bulky laptops and computers that used to be the only devices we can use to access the web. The wireless Internet technology is almost a necessity now as people access the web each day because of the popularity of social media. No wonder smartgadgets have become staples because, for the majority, their virtual life is just as important as their personal life.

Yet as much as we love our gadgets, they can be a cause of concern at times especially that they have technical limitations that can annoy us from time to time. Storage and connection are common issues and most smartphones only work efficiently for a given number of years. After that, replacing it with a newer one is inevitable as many companies regularly release new models with better specs and features. It’s the reason why consumers often upgrade after a year of two because they are tempted of the specs these new models have that definitely improved the entire user experience.

We all know one of the biggest motivators to get a new

To Pop That Pill Or Not?

Mankind has survived centuries of life here on Earth. Although it may look effortless to us now, it was actually a struggle for our ancestors especially that the elements were far more unforgiving in the past and they lacked the modern conveniences we now enjoy. And as the years go by, men learned to adapt and manage common issues that affect humans. Aside from food, shelter, and protection, human health is a major cause of concern in the absence of modern medicine.

The medicines we now take saved countless of lives through the years. However, there is now such a thing as antibiotic resistance that we also have to deal with. So, it is no longer unusual that people opt not to take medicines whenever possible and rely on their body’s own immune system to fight off infections and build immunity. The question is, are we really doing our body a favor when we skip drinking these pills or do we really need them to stay healthy and well in this modern world plagued by viruses and bacteria that have likewise evolved?

THE World Health Organization (WHO) is challenging all member-states to work for the reduction of incidents where medicines cause harm, and sometimes

Why Laughter Is Still The Best Medicine

Having a good laugh is one of the best feelings in the world. Laughter helps you fight stress, build immunity and forget your worries even for a while. You also look younger when you smile and laugh often. After all, it takes 65 muscles to frown and only 15 to smile. Your face will not only radiate happiness but make your more approachable to people too.

It is no joke that laughter is considered as the best medicine by many. Laughter has worked positively among people who are confined in hospitals or diagnosed with an illness. Although it does not cure or treat the underlying medical condition per se but laughing makes people feel good, and in a way, it helps them cope better with their sickness and promote faster recovery. Laughing is also innate in humans, as natural as breathing goes. And it is easy for us to smile and laugh whenever we find something amusing or funny.

 The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine and there’s no denying the fact that our spirits lift when we smile or laugh. But why exactly is it so therapeutic and what can we do to make sure humour remains a constant component of

The Struggles Of Educating The Youth

Despite the many advancements in technology nowadays, a lot of people throughout the world still live in poverty and lacking even in the most basic of services. Many third world countries lack sufficient housing for the poor, access to clean water, regular food supply and so much more. While we can only see mostly good things on social media, many nations are actually ravaged by poverty and war and citizens are displaced leaving them with hungry tummies and devoid of material possessions.

While there is little we can do once nation leaders decide to attack each other, a good education can change your destiny and open up better opportunities in life. You need not suffer in an environment devoid of opportunities by chasing your dreams yourself and not wait for things to happen. In a world that is becoming increasingly global, competition is tough as people from different parts of the world compete for the same work positions in the digital world. The advantage, though, is that many new opportunities opened up that weren’t there before when the Internet still haven’t dominated the world. But despite how far we have come in the field of technology, the opposite could be said about the quality

The Senate’s Health Care Bill: Pass Or Fail?

Health is as important as education to the public. They play a major role in uplifting the quality of our lives and both (education and health) also requires money, a lot of it. How ironic. These two should actually be the top priorities of the government. Not all governments are perfect but it’s not acceptable for them to compromise the health and well-being of the public because of personal vested interests. That’s how many Americans feel about the possible repeal of Obamacare. Although Obamacare has its flaws, it has its finer points that should not be totally ignored as well.

There has been a lot of drama already regarding its repeal since President Trump assumed office. He, for starters, is hell bent on getting Obama’s legacy rendered obsolete and irrelevant in Trump’s America. Starting from discussions in the House and now in the Senate, Republicans and Democrats make up a good fight. But then, should they really be arguing over this issue because of party affiliations when they should be thinking of the public’s welfare every single time?

We’ve seen this movie before. Republicans, after a secretive drafting process, finally unveil a health care bill. But the initial reaction is tepid, with both 

Activism Takes Over Social Media

Social media is the hottest thing to hit the planet these days. Everyone is glued to their screens, busy browsing through various social networks. If you think about it, social media has become an obsession for many – addiction to selfies among other things. Who would’ve thought we could all become stars in our own rights. After all, it is our wall and we are free to post whatever we want.

And considering how widespread social media is the world over, it has also served as an effective platform for different causes. Businesses take advantage of search engine optimization including social media to promote and grow their brand in the digital world. Even world leaders and news organizations utilize social media to reach the people and deliver important news and updates that involves the state and the welfare of its people. No wonder we also see a rise in social media activists who voice out their opinions and influence the public by posting through various social media channels.

Last week, The Cavalier Daily’s Editorial Board argued in favor of social media as a way to make causes visible for social activism. The board asserted that social media “expediently disseminates information and effectively unites

The Downsides of Video Game Addiction

People get addicted to video games especially in their youth when time is plenty and there is nothing much to do. Young kids can spend hours and hours in front of the screen playing arcade to role play games that soon become an addiction. While it is a great past time and can save one’s sanity from boredom, both the experts and parents are strongly against too much video game use for good reason.

Not only does it take time away from doing important school work or helping with household chores, playing video games can also impact one’s health and well-being. Many times a player loses track of their priorities and get so immersed in the games they are playing or even end up fighting with other players they have disagreements with. But have we really looked at playing video games as an addiction or is it just an innocent hobby for those who are kids at heart?

 Some of the cons of video games come from bad parenting in my opinion. The most common complaint about video games is that they are too violent. The “too violent” games are rated M and to buy it, you have to be 17 years of age

The Fascinating World Outside Our Planet

We know that our planet is an awesome place for the mere fact that it can support different life forms. And it’s also a blessing that we manage to co-exist despite our diversity. As the more superior species, mankind continues to explore the peaks of the mountains and the depths of the oceans but still some mysteries remain. Despite all these mysteries that the world has in store for us, nothing piques our curiosity more than the vast space outside our planet.

Do other forms of life exist? Can we survive in the harsh environment of the space? These are just some of the questions that fill our minds but still answers seem to elude us. For centuries, great minds tried their best to seek for answers and gain more understanding about our solar system and other galaxies farther from us. But are we really close to finding the answers with the help of modern technology or are we just barely scratching the surface of even stranger things to come.

 The skies above the European Southern Observatory’s Paranal Observatory resemble oil on water, as greens, yellows, and blues blend to create an iridescent skyscape.

The rocky, barren landscape below evokes an image of an

Developing Eco-friendly Technologies

We are all used to having technology being the focal point of our lives by now but tech innovators are gradually changing the landscape. Even young kids are adept at using the computer and most smart gadgets. Sadly, though, the environment suffers as we live a life of comfort and convenience. Pollution is a major issue as well as climate change and global warming. And we are not just talking about one type of pollution but on every form possible. And with an exploding population, our carbon footprint further increases as our demand for technology and resources continue to grow.

However, innovation is still possible without endangering the environment in the process with the help of a clean and safe green technology. We can continue to embrace the many wonders of technology and at the same time protect Mother Nature. Green tech is energy-efficient and generates less harmful wastes than when using regular technology. Although it is not yet available to the masses, there have been significant developments in this field that addresses waste management, water purification, and alternative sources of renewable energy.

A nasal filter that can ease breathing problems, a three-wheeler running on hydrogen, and cement that has a lower

The Need To Fund Scientific Research

Money makes the world go round that is without a doubt. Some even worship it because of the many things you can do with ease. You can buy beautiful clothes, jewelry, homes, cars, and all the luxuries in the world and no longer have to worry about what the future holds. However, having too much money isn’t the answer to all your problems because greed can do you a lot of harm. Money can make a world of difference where everyone can benefit when used right. For your information, about 1/3 to ½ of the economic prosperity we are now reaping is the product of the numerous developments since the end of the Second World War. Everything we take for granted today all started as an idea that became a reality with the help of scientific research.

Scientific developments fuel prosperity. Most progressive countries have spent a great deal of effort and money in discovering and developing many scientific innovations from scratch that not only propelled the economy upwards but also uplifted the lives of many. We all know scientific researches take time and require a lot of money. The government funds many of these researches in the name of science to also get …

Refugees Need An Education Too

Almost all the youth in progressive countries have access to free education. Even young children from third-world nations still have access to quality education although not always for free. However, everything changes once you are a refugee. Aside from not having a home of your own after being displaced because of wars, famine, or other natural or man-made disasters, refugees have an uncertain future where they don’t even know where to get food to eat, more so in having a shot at getting an education.

The life of a refugee isn’t easy. They have to make do with whatever is given to them out of other people’s generosity. Not all the time the government can provide everything they need to survive. It’s why going to school seems impossible when they barely have access to life’s basic necessities. Young refugees don’t normally go to school like typical kids. The places where they find asylum does not always cater to all their needs especially those of younger children who not only want to read and write but learn more about the big wide world.

Abbas and the other young refugees have been accepted in 93 schools across mainland Greece thanks to a transport scheme funded

How Social Media Reshapes The World

The world is getting smaller and smaller virtually but that does not mean we’d all be able to cover the distance the separates us all. The world has changed a lot but most of these changes were brought about by technological advancements. The popularity of the Internet became even more unstoppable with the emergence of smart gadgets. You no longer need to use a laptop or a computer to be able to access the web like you used to. The world suddenly became accessible through your fingertips and it helped a lot that Internet access was made more available to the public too or more affordable for home use.

Nowadays, social media has become a household name mostly because almost everyone uses it every day, especially the teens and young adults who are most active online. Can you imagine life without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many others? These social channels wiped out the word boredom from the dictionary and everyone rejoiced. It is a common sight to see people hooked on their smart gadgets all throughout the day. Social media is the perfect 24/7 plaything for both the young and adults alike that you don’t mind getting addicted to.

I was just as

Advertising Through The Web

The public knows about various goods and services because of advertising. Businesses actually spend a great deal of money to make sure their brand is seen by people everywhere, from traditional billboards, newspaper and magazine spots, TV commercials, and these days, the web is the new and best platform to get your business noticed by everyone.

E-advertising, online advertising, online marketing, web advertising, Internet advertising or plainly called e-word of mouth, advertising on the web is the best thing any business can do to grow their business and take advantage of the various tech innovations to their advantage. There are different tools one can use without spending a fortune. Social media is one of the easiest and cheapest platform and most businesses are going crazy in promoting their brand here and there.

 Large and small companies may leverage an investment in social media marketing differently, according to HubSpot. In fact, these average differences in the way companies of different sizes portion their budgets help to illustrate how SMBs have used this kind of online advertising and marketing to help level the playing field between themselves and their larger competitors.
For example, HubSpot reported upon these differences between the way that smaller businesses and large

The Effect Of Social Media On Human Behavior

The human species is so diverse despite our similar appearance. Unlike other species in this planet with sub-species that look so different from one another, humans almost look alike except for a variety in skin color and some features that determine our regional ancestry. Meanwhile, our cultural diversity also explains the difference on human behavior.

However, human behavior changes the more we dabble with technology especially with social media. Aside from the fact that most people in the world today use the Internet in their daily lives, social networks are also a popular hub to connect and communicate with the world at large. After all, we are a product of the environment. Relationships, shopping choices, good humor, and even study habits are now affected by social media. These social networks initially started to support existing social relations we already have but as the years go by, other social media platforms were developed that encouraged people to meet and befriend complete strangers aside from the ones where they already have existing offline relationships with.

People adopt unique personas for different social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, a team of researchers, including an Indian-origin researcher, have found.

“Users tend to portray themselves differently

Social Media Redefining E-Commerce

Humans are social animals. Although we long for our peace and solitude at times, we mostly thrive in the company of others. From our childhood to adult life, we have various relationships with the people around us. And our modern world capitalized on this relationship-based society in making social media what it is today. There are all sorts of social media everywhere but still, people can’t get enough of it. Social media users grew exponentially and it is now even used in growing and promoting businesses as well.

Along with the advent of the Internet are E-Commerce businesses. This platform enabled most conventional businesses to sell online and even opened up a whole new plethora of internet-based businesses only. And then along came social media to take things to a higher level. The ads you see on your screen are there for a reason and many people are making money out of it. Even E-Commerce sites are using social media to grow their profit and tap a wider audience.

Facebook, Social Media and E-Commerce boom and their connection.

When the internet was born, it was helping the armies, however, it began as a competitive advantage for every business that embraced it. Nowadays, very quickly,

The Modern Battleground

War is never a good thing, no matter what the reasons are. While nations fight over sovereignty, safety and security against terrorists and issues of global importance, what many people in the world forget, especially world leaders of powerful nations is that the innocent civilians are the victims here and their whole lives are shattered in just one or several air strikes. Many of us actually don’t understand what is going on in Syria. How this war started and why it lasted for so long? Do people really have to die? And for what cause?

In any war, there is great bloodshed and death. And while the great world wars 1 and 2 are far behind us now, the threat of a looming world war 3 is on the horizon as many nations in the Far East have become modern-day battlegrounds. The Syrian Civil War is one of the most deadly wars we have witnessed in recent years. From bombings here and there and refusal to accept refugees by other nations to the use of chemical warfare on innocent people, the casualty has been high and is expected to continue to rise as the U.S. joined in on the attacks.

President Trump ordered

Grow Your Business With The Help Of SEO And Social Media

We are all familiar with social media while we have heard of SEO now and then when we surf the web unless you work online for a living. Back in the days, we rarely use the web when we use the computer. Most of the time, we just use Word to type in documents, play Solitaire or other PC games or work on Excel. As technology advances and internet services became more reasonable and widely distributed, people got hooked into web browsing and social media became a big hit, all the more reason for us to stay online for longer.

If you just found out about SEO or search engine optimization, you’ll find out that it no longer focuses on singular keywords but of intent and search user needs as well as long-tail searches. People search for something on the web because they have a need for it, which may or may not always translate to a sale. By adding social media into the equation, it provides your site more visibility and a wider audience. However, many are still puzzled whether contents that go viral on social media, also help boost your site’s ranking as well.

Content marketing is about informing and entertaining

Are Macs Susceptible To Virus Too?

About 20-30% of computer users own a Mac. For starters, Macs are more expensive than your regular Windows PC. Apple sells high-quality technologies that do not come cheap. So, it is safe to assume that almost all Mac users are fairly rich themselves to afford such a fancy and high-tech product. Over the years, we have been used to hearing about viruses and malware (and now the more modern ransomware attacks) that damage Windows PCs.

Macs aren’t actually immune to these viruses or other cyber attacks although they are often more secure than Windows PCs despite the absence of security software. Still, the debate between which platform is better continues. The Mac is susceptible to the “Trojan” virus that is just as sneaky at stealing data as its Windows counterparts if you don’t update your device to the latest software update.

The question of whether Macs need antivirus is not a new one, but the answer is changing. While Macs are generally more secure than Windows PCs, they are far from immune.

Head over to the forums on the Apple’s website and you’ll find the same answer time and again – ‘you don’t need security software because I haven’t got security software and it’s

Hard Drives Of The Future

Computing technology keeps on advancing and there is no stopping that. If you look back on the technology available to us ten to twenty years ago, they definitely pale in comparison to what we have now. Not only do computers look cool and sleek (industry groups like IEEE have helped with this) they can do various functions too, all at once and the storage is the icing on the cake. Most files have gone digital and we need a sturdy and big enough hard drive to store all our important files.

While computers and other computer-related accessories are still somewhat expensive, their efficiency has more than doubled over the years. Almost everything that you need requires the hard drive to work and we need them for storage of non-volatile memory that we happen to need the most. Most modern laptops and computers still rely on mechanical hard drives to do the job for them but DNA-based ones will probably rule the future considering that experts are grooming artificial intelligence to dominate the future.

It isn’t only the junk processor that makes a really cheap computer slow. Or the memory or the video card (or lack of video card). The primary reason your cheap

How Social Media Affects A Student’s Education

Education is crucial in preparing a student to become responsible adults who can help run the world sooner rather than later. From teachers to policemen, accountants, lawyers, doctors and nurses, they all received education in their youth to widen their knowledge and understanding of the world and where they fit in the equation.

But a lot has changed since the last time today’s adults were youth themselves. Technology was only used in big businesses back then and the closest an ordinary person has access to technology is in using home appliances. Today, even a toddler knows how to operate a smartphone. These modern-day contraptions were unheard of two decades ago, so it’s but fitting to wonder how popular ideas like social media affect student and their study habits. Is it helpful in terms of doing homework and research or does it make them lazy because all the answers can be found in just one search?

But times have changed. Students now know to keep their Facebook profiles spotless. Regular “Facebook cleanups” are a thing, with savvy high-school students conducting a precollege scrub to sanitize their various profiles.

Fear and anxiety — about being barred from college, getting kicked off a team or a sorority,

Social Media Can Transform Any Small Business

Social media is life. Ask any millennial or teen these days and they definitely live and breathe social media. The emergence of smartphone and other smart gadgets made social networks a household name and a habit many people can’t resist. And who could, right? There is an entirely different world inside these social networks and hours will pass by without you ever feeling lonely or bored ever again.

While social media started as a social networking site, it has now evolved and became an excellent tool for business owners to grow and promote their business without spending a fortune. Most importantly, you are in touch with your customer base and you’d know for yourself what they really want or not directly from them. There are various social networks and they work differently from the other. So keep that in mind because certain businesses thrive in certain networks and not on some. For a small business that lacks money and manpower, social media can be your friend and take your small business to the next level.

When Snapchat went public this year, it was a reminder to many small business owners that they need to be part of the social media evolution. But which

Are You Sleep-Deprived Because Of Sleep Apnea?

We all turn to sleep to help us recharge for the next day. No matter what we do during the day, it is the only constant thing we all share once night falls. While our sleeping time and sleeping pattern vary, all human beings need sleep to rest and recuperate. Some don’t find any difficulty falling asleep once they hit the sack but others can stay up all night tossing and turning but sleep still seems to elude them.

Aside from the common culprit that is technology that often keeps us wide awake at night, sleeping disorders can be blamed for our sleeplessness too. The most common sleeping disorders that plague mankind are insomnia and sleep apnea. They can deprive you of precious sleep despite your best efforts to drift off to slumber. While there really isn’t a known cure for insomnia, it can be easily addressed by some lifestyle changes. Meanwhile, sleep apnea is a medical condition that requires more urgent medical attention.

You may have already heard of sleep issues such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy and insomnia, but lesser known and more rare sleep disorders can also take a toll on a person’s health. In fact, there are more than 80 known

Trump Shifts Focus Back To Health

The candidacy of now President Donald Trump has been as colorful as his personality and the life he has lived so far. Even when he first expressed interest in becoming the Republican presidential candidate, many people were against it, even Republican politicians themselves. But his persistence and passion overcame all odds and even enabled him to become the new president of the United States of America. But that’s not the end. Soon after assuming office, he signed various policies that attacked illegal immigrants in the country and made budget cuts on various government agencies he does not consider important in nation building.

Among his most adamant request from members of the Republican Party in the Congress is to repeal Obamacare, which did not happen, much to his dismay. And now, it seems that Trump has shifted his focus back to healthcare after his controversial recent attack in Syria. He is back from where he started, unwilling to give up his fight and threatens to withhold Affordable Care Act subsidies. Just what his statement may mean for the rest of us Americans, we will soon find out.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill could be gearing up for a big fight over health care funding, after President

Is Religion Still Relevant In The Age Of Social Media

Religion makes the world go round even if we don’t acknowledge it. While most of us want to believe that it is politics that shape the world at large, we are actually mistaken as religion has shaped human societies throughout time, from primitive life to our modern world today. Even nowadays, religion still affects the decisions of the state and people rely on religion to help them survive some really bad times in life.

But as we become more engrossed with our smart gadgets and devote all our free time to the web and various social networks, people spend less time in church or reading the Gospel. Strengthening our spirituality is put aside and most of us now prefer to browse the web for all the most recent viral content and to stay updated on the lives of our friends and everyone we follow on social media. People used to go to churches at least every Sunday but that is rarely happening anymore. Instead of praying, many vents out their feelings on status updates or nonsense rants on social media.

Young social media users are less likely to commit to one religious tradition than those who do not use social media, according to a

The Youth’s Obession With Social Media

Who doesn’t like social media, right? It is full of interesting things to do and you are sure to never get bored with it by your side. Plus, you stay connected with the people you know and all the stars you follow. The hours will pass by without you ever noticing it when you browse one social network to another. And for this, we are thankful for technology in brightening our days and giving more excitement in our lives.

However, this fascination with social media has now bordered into an obsession. It is no longer healthy to spend so much time of your day or night browsing social networks when there could have been other more productive things you can do with your time. It is especially bad for the youth who aren’t supposed to be exposed to explicit content that is everywhere on the web and spends all their time lounging around with their smartphones in hand when they should be cracking their books or learning an important life skill like folding clothes, cooking or even writing letters. Even their grammar and spelling is all wrong now as digital lingo and abbreviations made them too lazy to structure their phrases and sentences right.…

Music In Times Of War

We are not new to war nor will we ever become immune to it. Both our history and present lives are riddled with issues of war, conflict, violence and suffering that at times it makes us lose hope that we will ever attain world peace. But even if we still can’t fathom all the mysteries of human nature, there are certain things that unite people regardless of race, color or religion. Our appreciation for the arts is universal. We may have different tastes but we all know how to appreciate real talent when we see or hear one.

Museums are full of artwork made by artists all over the world that we all fawn over. Aside from these intricate and exquisite art pieces, music is also another form of artistic expression that makes the world a better place. Music is defined as a form of art and cultural activity where sound organized in time is the medium. The pitch, rhythm, dynamics and sonic qualities like texture and timbre are music’s common elements, responsible for bringing to all of us timeless songs and music that celebrate the gift of life.

The world may have survived two world wars already, some of the deadliest wars with …

Spruce Up Your Garden This Spring

Winter has gone and spring has come. Every living creature on the planet is rejoicing. We can not wait to explore the beauty outside as signs of life can be seen blossoming everywhere. The thought of climate change and global warming, aside from having sheer delight in being able to give life to something, is a great excuse to find out whether you have a green thumb.

Whether you have or don’t yet have a garden at home, making one isn’t as hard as you think it is. Look for a clear spot somewhere in your yard that is exposed to the sun and is likewise close to a water source. The first thing in your agenda is to make sure that the area is clear of anything and the soil is fertile or risk wasting all your time and effort trying to make a garden where plants won’t actually grow. Today, there are different ideas for the budding gardener depending on your preference and what usual plants grow in your region. If you want to start your own garden at home this spring, here are a few tips you need to remember:

  1. Plan, plan, plan

Before you start digging any dirt, figure out

The Evolution Of Computing

Technology keeps on progressing as the years go by. Back then we were still watching black and white films through Betamax and VHS tapes but now we can live stream our own videos using just our phone in all colors of the color spectrum – a smartphone that can do all sorts of things you don’t need individual gadgets to do the job anymore. And no other better example of seeing these advancements in action than seeing how computers have evolved through the years.

Computers of yesteryears were bulky and used floppy disk drives you’ll never see used anymore in modern computers. Computer hardware is essentially the backbone of any computing device. What use is sophisticated software if there’s no sturdy and functional hard drive to house and protect it. Hard drives can have issues, however. But overall, they still somehow look the same and contain the same parts, albeit just smaller. Experts nowadays wish for more innovation in computer hardware because not much has changed over the decades.

Dumping Moore’s Law is perhaps the best thing that could happen to computers, as it’ll hasten the move away from an aging computer architecture holding back hardware innovation.

That’s the view of prominent