Just How Sane Is The President?

We can’t deny that President Trump won the election fair and square but still, he is the one that issued complaints of election fraud. His personality is as colorful as the life he has lived so far and he makes all his thoughts known to everyone in Twitter, even up to now that he is the most powerful man in America. Many start to wonder just how sane the president is because of his off comments, bigger than life personality, radical views, and just almost everything about him spells weird or out of the norm.

Despite winning the presidency, it has not stopped President Trump from being himself from then on until now. Hence the detractors are always busy writing up stories about him and critiquing the way he runs the nation. He promised to make America great again and it looks like it is far from becoming a reality with North Korea constantly issuing threats against the mainland US and Guam as of late as well as firing a test missile that landed in the Pacific that even passed by Japan’s northern part. So, it is but understandable for US citizens to be worried about the country if the president doesn’t seem to get his act together and can’t even unite the Republicans in the Congress to repeal his much loathed, the Affordable Care Act more popularly known as Obamacare.

So the 75-year-old Coronado resident and retired Duke University psychiatrist perks up when he hears the increasingly open speculation about whether President Trump has the disorder or some other form of mental illness.

His verdict: No.

But that doesn’t mean he approves of Trump’s behavior. Far from it, as he makes clear in a scathingly critical new book, “Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump,” due out Tuesday.

“Blaming Trump for all our troubles misses the deeper, underlying societal sickness that made possible his unlikely ascent,” Frances writes.

By societal sickness, he means the “delusions” that deny the impacts of climate change, overpopulation, resource depletion, income inequality — problems that will “bequeath to our children an unlivable planet.” He was concerned about those before last November’s election.

“I don’t think Trump is the problem,” Frances said. “He’s the symptom of the underlying disease.”

(Via: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/entertainment/books/sd-me-trump-frances-20170831-story.html)

It is known by almost everyone how much people talk about the president’s current state of mental health. While it was refuted in this article, it does not normalize the president’s behavior either and acknowledges many of his wrongs that he consider as perfectly normal. Many are rallying up to push for resolutions citing how unfit the president is in leading the country as its highest elected official because of the many times he displayed erratic and weird behaviors. If this keeps up, his critics may be able to find a ground to have him ousted from office for real.

In his column “Using medical terms to mislabel Donald Trump won’t stop his mad presidency,” Allen Frances argues that mental illness and “bad behavior” are antithetical, with the suggestion that President Trump is “bad, not mad.”

We believe it does a disservice to public discussions of mental illness to create a false dichotomy between “mad” vs. “bad,” given that these kinds of behaviors and symptoms sometimes co-occur. It is certainly true that many individuals with mental illness do not manifest “bad” behaviors that harm others. Nevertheless, some mental disorders are characterized and even defined by behaviors that harm others — bad behaviors in Dr. Frances’ words.

(Via: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/08/28/readers-donald-trump-mental-health/609271001/)

It is not at all comforting for others to confirm that President’s Trump mental health is just fine and he is apparently as healthy as a horse. It even makes him more of a threat and a danger to a civilized society like America simply because of who he is. His unstable behavior may hinder his judgment and make him prone to making bad or biased decisions that aren’t entirely for the best of the entire populace. The mere fact Trump isn’t at all bothered of his behavior is a big red flag to everyone.

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