Grow Your Business With The Help Of SEO And Social Media

We are all familiar with social media while we have heard of SEO now and then when we surf the web unless you work online for a living. Back in the days, we rarely use the web when we use the computer. Most of the time, we just use Word to type in documents, play Solitaire or other PC games or work on Excel. As technology advances and internet services became more reasonable and widely distributed, people got hooked into web browsing and social media became a big hit, all the more reason for us to stay online for longer.

If you just found out about SEO or search engine optimization, you’ll find out that it no longer focuses on singular keywords but of intent and search user needs as well as long-tail searches. People search for something on the web because they have a need for it, which may or may not always translate to a sale. By adding social media into the equation, it provides your site more visibility and a wider audience. However, many are still puzzled whether contents that go viral on social media, also help boost your site’s ranking as well.

Content marketing is about informing and entertaining your audience, social media is about promoting your content, and SEO is about making sure the technical t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted so search engines can find your content, right? Wrong. All three work toward the same thing: achieving relevance for your audience.

With the organic online marketing ecosystem growing, it’s no surprise that SEO, social media, and content marketing are finding themselves under the same umbrella. When the three are working in sync, they help acquire customers and increase website traffic through valuable content. This is in part due to the changes to Google algorithms, which now factor social signals as an indicator in search rankings. To make an organic marketing plan that works towards your company’s goals, it’s important to know how content marketing, social media and SEO all fit into the same strategy.


The goal is to build the business and increase profit through increased visibility and also grow your online presence, so people think of your brand first whenever they think of the industry product/ service you are in.

Is SEO dead? With the ever-changing digital landscape and social media takeover, SEO isn’t what it used to be.

While SEO is certainly not dead, it is definitely changing. No longer is SEO just relevant to search engines like Google and Bing. People are now going to social media sites and using them as search engines. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn – these are all be utilized as “search engines” by billions of people.

With more than 2.3 million Google searches per minute, Google is still a major driver of all internet traffic and it’s crucial that your business has prime real estate in Google. Leveraging the power of social media properly, can not only increase your visibility on social networks, but it can also increase your search engine rankings.


While shares made on social media may not be that helpful in boosting your site’s page ranking, they can still work as credible bank links, which may actually still hep boost search listing over time.

The relation and impact between social media and SEO is two-way, whereby Social media impacts your SEO efforts whereas SEO influences your presence on social media platforms. However, as much as the two impact and influence each other, they do work hand in hand to the benefit of your business. This is because you cannot at any one time reap the benefits of one, without the impact or influence of the other, and that is a good standoff.

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With competition taking on the global stage, you need your SEO and social media marketing game strong and on-point if you want to succeed and make a name in the industry you are in. Even if you are already an established business, you need to build a strong online presence to maintain and grow your business. Most people go online now for various reasons, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of reaching people from all over the world and possibly sell your product or service.

Businesses often hire SEO and social media experts to do the job for them while smaller businesses often manage social media accounts once the site has been set up by a professional because it is cheaper to operate that way. SEO and social media, when both done right, can multiply your earnings by 10 to 100 times it is now. The potential is limitless when you are on the Internet, so don’t miss out on this chance.

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