Migrants Evacuated By The French

All nations protect their sovereign territory from outsiders. It’s just normal. It is even more pronounced now with most countries requiring foreigners to secure certain types of visa when visiting abroad. Progressive nations are strict when it comes to this issue as they have more to protect and won’t just easily let in other races without sufficient documentation. The same thing is happening in a French woodland as the government evacuated hundreds of migrants to prevent them from crossing over into Britain with France as their gateway to a greener pasture.

These migrants are mostly Iraqi Kurds and estimated to be about 350 all in all and have been camping in a wood in the French northern coast. There is a possibility that these migrants are planning on crossing over into the UK for various reasons. The British government is especially sensitive right now about territory issues as they themselves are planning to separate from the entire European Union and establish their own sovereign state. So far, the French government has broken the migrants into groups of ten and will be taken to various migrant centers in the country for proper assistance.

French authorities evacuated hundreds of migrants from a wood on the northern

The Modern Battleground

War is never a good thing, no matter what the reasons are. While nations fight over sovereignty, safety and security against terrorists and issues of global importance, what many people in the world forget, especially world leaders of powerful nations is that the innocent civilians are the victims here and their whole lives are shattered in just one or several air strikes. Many of us actually don’t understand what is going on in Syria. How this war started and why it lasted for so long? Do people really have to die? And for what cause?

In any war, there is great bloodshed and death. And while the great world wars 1 and 2 are far behind us now, the threat of a looming world war 3 is on the horizon as many nations in the Far East have become modern-day battlegrounds. The Syrian Civil War is one of the most deadly wars we have witnessed in recent years. From bombings here and there and refusal to accept refugees by other nations to the use of chemical warfare on innocent people, the casualty has been high and is expected to continue to rise as the U.S. joined in on the attacks.

President Trump ordered

Trump Shifts Focus Back To Health

The candidacy of now President Donald Trump has been as colorful as his personality and the life he has lived so far. Even when he first expressed interest in becoming the Republican presidential candidate, many people were against it, even Republican politicians themselves. But his persistence and passion overcame all odds and even enabled him to become the new president of the United States of America. But that’s not the end. Soon after assuming office, he signed various policies that attacked illegal immigrants in the country and made budget cuts on various government agencies he does not consider important in nation building.

Among his most adamant request from members of the Republican Party in the Congress is to repeal Obamacare, which did not happen, much to his dismay. And now, it seems that Trump has shifted his focus back to healthcare after his controversial recent attack in Syria. He is back from where he started, unwilling to give up his fight and threatens to withhold Affordable Care Act subsidies. Just what his statement may mean for the rest of us Americans, we will soon find out.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill could be gearing up for a big fight over health care funding, after President