Why You Need To Learn A New Language

The world is fast becoming one big market since the Internet paved the way for increasing globalization. There may be wars fought here and there and religion remains to be the great divide for some but we can’t deny how increasingly smaller the world has become as we continue to embrace all that technology has to offer. Social media enabled people to interact with others from thousands of miles away and make a joke about the physical distance between people as we connect, reconnect, and interact with others the world over.

It is even common now for people from different parts of the globe to compete for the same job especially when it is something that can be done over the web. While English remains to be the #1 language used in most companies, institutions, and organizations, it won’t hurt if you learn a foreign language or two as it will give you an edge over competitors or make it easier for you to build rapport to other races that aren’t always savvy with the English language. It might also come in handy if you love to travel far-away places that aren’t native English speakers like South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, France …

The Struggles Of Educating The Youth

Despite the many advancements in technology nowadays, a lot of people throughout the world still live in poverty and lacking even in the most basic of services. Many third world countries lack sufficient housing for the poor, access to clean water, regular food supply and so much more. While we can only see mostly good things on social media, many nations are actually ravaged by poverty and war and citizens are displaced leaving them with hungry tummies and devoid of material possessions.

While there is little we can do once nation leaders decide to attack each other, a good education can change your destiny and open up better opportunities in life. You need not suffer in an environment devoid of opportunities by chasing your dreams yourself and not wait for things to happen. In a world that is becoming increasingly global, competition is tough as people from different parts of the world compete for the same work positions in the digital world. The advantage, though, is that many new opportunities opened up that weren’t there before when the Internet still haven’t dominated the world. But despite how far we have come in the field of technology, the opposite could be said about the quality

Refugees Need An Education Too

Almost all the youth in progressive countries have access to free education. Even young children from third-world nations still have access to quality education although not always for free. However, everything changes once you are a refugee. Aside from not having a home of your own after being displaced because of wars, famine, or other natural or man-made disasters, refugees have an uncertain future where they don’t even know where to get food to eat, more so in having a shot at getting an education.

The life of a refugee isn’t easy. They have to make do with whatever is given to them out of other people’s generosity. Not all the time the government can provide everything they need to survive. It’s why going to school seems impossible when they barely have access to life’s basic necessities. Young refugees don’t normally go to school like typical kids. The places where they find asylum does not always cater to all their needs especially those of younger children who not only want to read and write but learn more about the big wide world.

Abbas and the other young refugees have been accepted in 93 schools across mainland Greece thanks to a transport scheme funded

How Social Media Affects A Student’s Education

Education is crucial in preparing a student to become responsible adults who can help run the world sooner rather than later. From teachers to policemen, accountants, lawyers, doctors and nurses, they all received education in their youth to widen their knowledge and understanding of the world and where they fit in the equation.

But a lot has changed since the last time today’s adults were youth themselves. Technology was only used in big businesses back then and the closest an ordinary person has access to technology is in using home appliances. Today, even a toddler knows how to operate a smartphone. These modern-day contraptions were unheard of two decades ago, so it’s but fitting to wonder how popular ideas like social media affect student and their study habits. Is it helpful in terms of doing homework and research or does it make them lazy because all the answers can be found in just one search?

But times have changed. Students now know to keep their Facebook profiles spotless. Regular “Facebook cleanups” are a thing, with savvy high-school students conducting a precollege scrub to sanitize their various profiles.

Fear and anxiety — about being barred from college, getting kicked off a team or a sorority,