Activism Takes Over Social Media

Social media is the hottest thing to hit the planet these days. Everyone is glued to their screens, busy browsing through various social networks. If you think about it, social media has become an obsession for many – addiction to selfies among other things. Who would’ve thought we could all become stars in our own rights. After all, it is our wall and we are free to post whatever we want.

And considering how widespread social media is the world over, it has also served as an effective platform for different causes. Businesses take advantage of search engine optimization including social media to promote and grow their brand in the digital world. Even world leaders and news organizations utilize social media to reach the people and deliver important news and updates that involves the state and the welfare of its people. No wonder we also see a rise in social media activists who voice out their opinions and influence the public by posting through various social media channels.

Last week, The Cavalier Daily’s Editorial Board argued in favor of social media as a way to make causes visible for social activism. The board asserted that social media “expediently disseminates information and effectively unites