To Pop That Pill Or Not?

Mankind has survived centuries of life here on Earth. Although it may look effortless to us now, it was actually a struggle for our ancestors especially that the elements were far more unforgiving in the past and they lacked the modern conveniences we now enjoy. And as the years go by, men learned to adapt and manage common issues that affect humans. Aside from food, shelter, and protection, human health is a major cause of concern in the absence of modern medicine.

The medicines we now take saved countless of lives through the years. However, there is now such a thing as antibiotic resistance that we also have to deal with. So, it is no longer unusual that people opt not to take medicines whenever possible and rely on their body’s own immune system to fight off infections and build immunity. The question is, are we really doing our body a favor when we skip drinking these pills or do we really need them to stay healthy and well in this modern world plagued by viruses and bacteria that have likewise evolved?

THE World Health Organization (WHO) is challenging all member-states to work for the reduction of incidents where medicines cause harm, and sometimes