ShopDisney: Disney Fans, Rejoice

Most of us watched Disney movies and television shows growing up. It’s the perfect past time for us because we get entertained with these shows while passing time and our busy parents can finish whatever they need to do at home or work without us constantly bothering them. And as we (young children) grew up, we also made our kids watch the same shows (and more) we watched growing up, but this time, we also buy them Disney-related merchandise being sold in Disney stores in various parts of the globe.

Disney-themed apparel, toys, accessories, and so much more has captured the fancy of both parents and children alike. They are favorite gift ideas for just about any occasion and can be given to both the young and the old. As more and more people favor online shopping over traditional shopping, shops like that of Disney learned to innovate and embrace these new changes to reach a bigger market. Now, online stores can sell to virtually everyone on the planet who has access to the Internet, which means bigger profits too but it also meant a decline in sales in actual retail outlets.

Disney today launched its reimagined e-commerce site, ShopDisney, featuring a curated selection