Understanding Computer Programming

While we are all surrounded by technology, it does not mean that we have mastered them all. Some people have – they are experts and authority figures in the computing field. The rest of us are mere users who know just enough to navigate sophisticated technology without really fully understanding the technology and logic behind them.

We may think of computers as advanced pieces of technology that can do almost everything we ask them, the truth is, not. Computers can look up websites when you are browsing or store files we save on them because they have been programmed to do that. But if you ask them to, say, clean the house for you or cook food, then nothing will definitely happen because they weren’t programmed to do that at all. So see, they aren’t the supreme machines we used to think of. And what better way to understand the wonders of computer programming than to start them young.

 After a successful Hour of Code day last year, students from School 16 were able to participate in the global movement for a second time on Tuesday.

Throughout the day Tuesday, students from different classes at the elementary school learned the basics of computer programming