Hard Drives Of The Future

Computing technology keeps on advancing and there is no stopping that. If you look back on the technology available to us ten to twenty years ago, they definitely pale in comparison to what we have now. Not only do computers look cool and sleek (industry groups like IEEE have helped with this) they can do various functions too, all at once and the storage is the icing on the cake. Most files have gone digital and we need a sturdy and big enough hard drive to store all our important files.

While computers and other computer-related accessories are still somewhat expensive, their efficiency has more than doubled over the years. Almost everything that you need requires the hard drive to work and we need them for storage of non-volatile memory that we happen to need the most. Most modern laptops and computers still rely on mechanical hard drives to do the job for them but DNA-based ones will probably rule the future considering that experts are grooming artificial intelligence to dominate the future.

It isn’t only the junk processor that makes a really cheap computer slow. Or the memory or the video card (or lack of video card). The primary reason your cheap