The Downsides of Video Game Addiction

People get addicted to video games especially in their youth when time is plenty and there is nothing much to do. Young kids can spend hours and hours in front of the screen playing arcade to role play games that soon become an addiction. While it is a great past time and can save one’s sanity from boredom, both the experts and parents are strongly against too much video game use for good reason.

Not only does it take time away from doing important school work or helping with household chores, playing video games can also impact one’s health and well-being. Many times a player loses track of their priorities and get so immersed in the games they are playing or even end up fighting with other players they have disagreements with. But have we really looked at playing video games as an addiction or is it just an innocent hobby for those who are kids at heart?

 Some of the cons of video games come from bad parenting in my opinion. The most common complaint about video games is that they are too violent. The “too violent” games are rated M and to buy it, you have to be 17 years of age