Music In Times Of War

We are not new to war nor will we ever become immune to it. Both our history and present lives are riddled with issues of war, conflict, violence and suffering that at times it makes us lose hope that we will ever attain world peace. But even if we still can’t fathom all the mysteries of human nature, there are certain things that unite people regardless of race, color or religion. Our appreciation for the arts is universal. We may have different tastes but we all know how to appreciate real talent when we see or hear one.

Museums are full of artwork made by artists all over the world that we all fawn over. Aside from these intricate and exquisite art pieces, music is also another form of artistic expression that makes the world a better place. Music is defined as a form of art and cultural activity where sound organized in time is the medium. The pitch, rhythm, dynamics and sonic qualities like texture and timbre are music’s common elements, responsible for bringing to all of us timeless songs and music that celebrate the gift of life.

The world may have survived two world wars already, some of the deadliest wars with …